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Vibrational Pollution and Your Health: With all of the health hazards we are made aware of today do we also need to fear that our computers, power lines, and cars are unhealthy? The answer is maybe. The scientific community is not firmly decided in either direction but advise caution, prudent avoidance, and further study. It would be wise for everyone to educate themselves about this issue. If you find that there is cause for concern or are one of many who suspect that they are being drained by EMFs (electromagnetic fields), then the answer is yes. But solutions are available! First, let's look at what is known.

Vibrational fields, or EMFs, are generated from computers, appliances, all vehicles, machinery, and power lines. Each source of EMFs gives off a different frequency (rate of pulses in the current) and strength of its electrical and magnetic field. These can all be measured. Some frequencies are suspected to be unhealthy. Also, health effects are suspected to be influenced by the strength of the magnetic field and how long one is in it. Also, many of these low frequencies fall within the same range as our brain waves. The result is a chaotic mixture of signals as we move through our day. Health concerns garnered from scientific studies range from cancer clusters in neighborhoods with hi-voltage power lines, allergies, mood disorders, to fatigue and stress from use of computers or any electrical tool or machine. Although epidemiological study results are debated the very least of the suspected effects are fatigue, stress, unexplainable aches and pains, and depression. While we wait for the Environmental Protection Agency, mainstream scientists, and the government to decide, many feel helpless to address the issue.

Do we have to give up our conveniences and live in the woods? The answer is no! It apparently takes technology to overcome the effects of technology. There are scientists who are working to provide solutions in the form of environmental protection products for resolving unhealthy EMFs. The Peacemaker™ is a large-area product (50 foot diameter) which works off of household current. This product is the result of truly innovative ways of looking at the problem.

Our bodies are sensitive antennas and even more, are themselves power generators which trans-act with the environment. The Peacemaker™ creates harmonics of sound (changing overtones and undertones) that interact with living beings. These harmonics are generated by the physical vibration of two very thinly sliced quartz crystals. The crystals program two unique oscillator circuits which then transmit these harmonics via four - custom formed copper antennae. The harmonics flood you with a rich field of sound (inaudible to the ear). These harmonics create a consistent alignment or entropy lowering effect. Entropy is a measure of disorder or chaos. The effect is like "squashing the chaos." Lowering entropy or chaos gives us a greater sense of ease and lowers the possible effects of unhealthy EMFs.

As any living being comes into the proximity (within 5 feet) of the Peacemaker™, the harmonic overtones and undertones shift in interactive relationship with that being. As any change takes place in the immediate environment, the phase of these harmonics will shift as a direct moment-to-moment interactive response. No other product is known to do this. You can even demonstrate the effect with a radio! When you hear the pulsing sound of the Peacemaker™ you will be hearing the sound of chaos being eliminated!

You can experiment with and listen to just three of the multitude of harmonics that are created because they fall within the range of the FM broadcast band. Tune your radio to exactly any one of these numbers: 93.6 MHz (the 13th overtone), 100.8 MHz (the 14th overtone) or 108 MHz (the 15th overtone). As you listen, bring the Peacemaker™ next to the radio. You will pick up a pulsing sound. Put the Peacemaker™ down near the radio then move your hand away and then bring it back in. You will be listening to the subtle changes creating audible sub-harmonic undertones that are actually being carried on overtones. You are the creator (or reason for) these specific harmonic phase shifts. It is you in energetic relationship with the Peacemaker™ that creates a healthful energy envelope.

Many people can sense the healthy energy immediately, feeling more relaxed and in control. Others can agree that within a few weeks they notice some positive benefits such as better sleep, more energy, clearer mental activity, a greater feeling of being grounded and balanced, or even various aches and pains eliminated. Everyone benefits from the effect of lower chaos and more harmony within and around them. Your cells know the difference!

For the scientifically minded: read this section on The Scientific Theory and Mechanism of Action

The Peacemaker™ was created on the basis of a new theory concerning the resonance of the Earth. The low frequency emanations from the Earth called the "Schuman Resonance" are actually the result of undertones created by the phase shifts of very high frequencies. When more than one wave form is superimposed, both overtones and undertones of sub-harmonics are created. The fundamental wave forms that are created by the Earth are of such high vibration that they are not measurable by current conventional measuring equipment. However, we can measure the principle undertone sub-harmonic created by the phase shifts of these high frequency fundamentals. This sub-harmonic seems static only because the dynamics of these phase shifts appear so slow from our measurement of linear time. Yet the past 6 years have shown measurable change in the Schuman Resonance to prove this: 7.84 Hz in 1992 to approximately 10.8 Hz at the beginning of 1998. According to Greg Braden, author of "Awakening to Zero Point", the dynamics of this trend will continue.

As high frequency wave fronts shift in relation to each other this relationship is called the phase. This changing phase creates "node points" that correspond to certain beginning and end points or "blocks" that are created when two of the specific waves happen to superimpose or overlap exactly the same (in perfect phase) or when two of the wave forms happen to overlap exactly 180 degrees out of phase, creating a momentary cancellation).

Here is an example of how a specific sub-harmonic undertone would be created: Start with two fundamentals (two wave forms) of 108 MHz. As these two wave forms pass for brief moments either in phase or 180 degrees out of phase there would be "nodes" created. Some of these "nodes" would create a sub-harmonic that is 1/108th of the original fundamentals. This is called an undertone. Note that there would be overtones created also that are much higher harmonics than the fundamental. This is how Tibetan Monks create the richness of their chants via the creation of overtones and undertones.

The richness of the harmonics created by the Peacemaker™ is created by two very tiny quartz crystal discs (that are hermetically sealed) that go into a very high vibratory rate of oscillation. The flat sides of each quartz disc has a flat disc of silver supporting it and these silver discs are supported by tiny silver springs. Two wires come out of this sealed package and the quartz crystals become part of a circuit that puts them into a very high vibration rate like two tiny cymbals (musical instruments). The result of this highly interactive technology is a unique product, the Arcturus Star Products Peacemaker™, which provide a harmonious energy envelope for the user which both protects and balances. Reports from our customers are extremely enthusiastic. We sincerely hope that you find our products beneficial!

The Peacemaker™ has a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Case: Almond color ABS plastic
Size: 6½" W x 5½" L x 1½" H
Power: 110V AC power supply included
Blue indicator LED / 1 year warranty

Note: This product is not intended to be used for the prevention, cure, or mitigation of any disease or medical condition. Its purpose is for personal or academic investigation into the effects of harmonic tones on living systems. Its use is strictly the responsibility of the user. Thank you.


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