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Cory Carter, N.D.. has a diverse perspective and understanding of alternative wellness. Cory founded Alt Med Services and has been serving clients in the health care field for over 25 years. Both professionals and clients look to him for guidance, support, and sanctuary. His love for all people is contagious!

Cory has innovated lymphatic therapy and drainage techniques and is a specialist in lymphatic work, incorporating the Lymphstar Pro® extensively. He presents at various health conferences such as the American Naturopathic Association in Las Vegas, NV, each year and at the Academy of Bioenergetic and Integrative Medicine in Fort Worth, TX. In addition, Dr. Carter teaches lymphatic therapy classes at different locations around the country throughout the year.

Randy McCormick has been serving clients at Alt Med for over 8 years. His training/degrees include: NPA (Naturopathic Physician Assisant), Korean Hand Therapy, Decongestive Lymphatic Therapist & Instructor, and Electral Dermal Screening (EDS) technician.

As an EDS technician, Randy works with adults and children from all over the United States as well as clients from out of the country. The diverse imbalances he confronts everyday is met with a great knowledge of homeopathy, nutrition, herbs, and an understanding of how each body is striving to find the balance it needs to heal itself. A love for continuous education and a love for his family is obvious to all who work with him.



Rochelle Jones provides Lymphatic Therapy and Therapeutic Massage for our clients at Alt Med Services. Rochelle provides not only the technique but also the "healing touch" that turns technique into an art. She has a gentle and giving spirit - a quality that experience alone can not match.

At Alt Med Services professional growth is expected! Rochelle has been continuing her education in photonic and subtle energy technology therapies. What can she do for your? Pain, transdermal applications, cellulite and other drainage issues...


Angie Miller is the newest EDS technician at Alt Med Services. She has also received training in the use of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). BIA is a method of assessing your “body composition”—the measurement of body fat in relation to lean body mass.

Angie was born and raised in Germany where her family regularily used homeopathy and herbals for health challenges. Her interest in natural remedies to help others has been a long-standing goal and source of excitement.


Gloria is our hard working, always busy, "front person". She schedules our/your appointments, records supplement orders, answers almost all your questions, and still finds a smile when we ask her to do a hundred more things that day! We count on Gloria's loving spirit and generous heart as she talks with you, relays messages, and keeps our day in order.

Lyla Monello has a kind spirit with a focused work ethic - a perfect match for the often unseen work she accomplishes each day. What does she do? Shipping orders, filing, stocking and anything that comes up to keep the office running smoothly.


Lymphatic Therapy Training Classes
are offered several times a year.

We use the LymphStar Pro® and other
photonic and vibrational energy therapies
to help the body over-come imbalances.


Dr. Cory Carter has developed unique
and effective techniques for Lymphatic
Therapy & Drainage.

Lymphatic Therapy Training Classes are offered several times a year.

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